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A Salt Lake City Native, Thomas moved to San Diego in 2021! Thomas attended college at Seattle University and got a degree in Kinesiology with the intentions on becoming and Strength and Conditioning coach. However he decided to pursue a career in tattooing shortly after graduating. Thomas had always loved the culture behind art and the tattoo industry. He began his tattooing career in 2016. You can find Thomas working in a variety of styles from Black and Grey realism, micro-realism, color Pop Art, and even water color! Thomas is constantly studying different art collectives to bring his ideas and concepts to life! Thomas enjoys using organic photos of sculptures, statues, and renaissance artwork to influence his designs! His dynamic stylizing provides for unique and exceptionally detailed tattoos. If you are looking for a new take on Renaissance era themed tattoos, look no further! Outside of the shop, Thomas is typically at home hanging out with his cat playing videos game! He also enjoys exploring the city. He enjoys trying out new dive bars, speakeasies, and is always looking for the next best hidden gem. Oh, he also throughly enjoys live opera!

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